An Earth Day #MechoChat

Coming clean with Mecho



MechoSystems is hosting a Twitter chat on April 23, 2015 at 2 p.m. EDT. The chat is being hosted to commemorate Earth Week and the goal is to foster industry discussion about the topic of transparency and healthful materials in manufacturing.

A Twitter chat is a pre-arranged, public Twitter conversation around one unique hashtag. This hashtag allows you to follow the discussion and take part in it. In this case the hashtag will be #MechoChat. In order to take part in the conversation, Twitter users need only to include the hashtag #MechoChat in their tweets.

The moderator for the #MechoChat  will be Rachel Berman, LEED AP O+M, Sustainability Program Manager at MechoSystems. She will be facilitating and leading the conversation. 

At MechoSystems, we believe transparency and health are important. That’s why we became the first manufacturer to achieve theCradle to Cradle (C2C) Certified ( TM ) standard for the EcoVeil ® shadecloth and the Mecho ® /5 and manual UrbanShade ®WindowManagement ® systems.

The C2C Certified product standard takes full account of the entire lifecycle of a product, from material health and reutilization of materials, to renewable-energy use, and social fairness. MechoSystems' C2C Certified products showcase the company’s commitment to creating products that minimally impact the environment and human health.

In addition, MechoSystems has undertaken the process of creating a Health Product Declaration (HPD) for EcoVeil shadecloth and a Declare Label for AcoustiVeil ® shadecloth with the Mecho/5 and UrbanShade systems. Developed by the HPD Collaborative, an HPD fully discloses products potential chemicals of concern. It compares the product ingredients to a variety of lists published by government authorities and scientific associations, allowing a specifier to assess the healthfulness of building materials. The Declare Label is administered by the International Living Future Institute and advocates material transparency and red-list free materials.

MechoSystems was an early pioneer, or “legacy leader,” of the C2C product standard. By developing a HPD and Declare Label, the company is continuing our tradition of leading the industry in environmental sustainability. 

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